7 Artists Reinventing the Ancient Art of Mosaics (Artsy)

Rather than the traditional glass or stone, Lowder’s mosaics are composed of reclaimed wood, often sourced from barns, and metal signage—materials that reflect his Midwestern milieu. In some, bits of hand-lettered typography appear in a reorganized jumble. It’s like looking at an old country store through a kaleidoscope. And yet, references to religious icons and celestial phenomena suggest a sort of spiritual geometry, taking Lowder’s compositions beyond remixed Americana. They’re more reminiscent of the diagrams in illuminated medieval manuscripts.

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Benjamin Lowder: Deconstructed Myth, Reconstructed Magic (Huffington Post)

"Exponentially greater than the sum of their parts, Benjamin Lowder’s reconfigurations of elements culled from vintage metal ads and reclaimed wood resemble mandalas, totems, and auric power portals. With a melancholy futurism and a sustainable-practice agenda, Lowder has been steadily exploring the universe of possibilities derived from this process..." - Shana Nys Dambrot, art critic and writer for The Huffington Post

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Benjamin Lowder: Words and Deeds (Huffington Post)

"...the meaningfulness of Lowder’s practice is expressed in his particular relationship to found, reclaimed, and otherwise sustainable materials, and in his instinct to orient buildings and land-use works according to the lay lines of the earth, organic resource distribution and the pathways of the stars. His recombinant visual aesthetic is painterly without gesture, literal without imagery, abstract without disorder, and animated by the symbols of man and nature."  - Shana Nys Dambrot, art critic and writer for Huffington Post


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shana-nys-dambrot/benjamin-lowder-words-and_b_11901774.html

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