Exhibition Review: Andre Yi, "Obliterate" (Art and Cake)

“Before turning to sculpture, Andre Yi created delicate paintings and drawings. His early works were detailed renderings of natural and architectural elements centered in large expanses of soft color, often juxtaposed with swirling ribbon shaped white lines that suggested flowing rivers… Imagining a progression, it is possible to see the trajectory from Yi’s paintings which were becoming more abstracted while remaining two-dimensional, to his current constructions. It is as if the trees and the background disappeared leaving just the geometric shapes.” - Jody Zellen for Art and Cake

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Exhibition Review: Katie Kirk, "Parts and Motions" (Maake Magazine)

“Walking into Parts and Motions, a solo show of new works by Katie Kirk, you begin with a lone small painting hanging almost surreptitiously to the left… The main space proposes a world where the divisions of drawing, painting, and sculpture are fluid and where the acts of making are interchangeable… As a material lover, I really gravitated close to each piece.  Standing nose to surface, it was a pleasure to stay with one and dig into the drips, the ‘paint skins’, the rubbings, drawings, twists in clay, and glaze…” - Christina Han for Maake Magazine

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Exhibition Review: Brian Mallman, "Still Connected" at Open Mind Art Space (Art and Cake)

"Each drawing is delicately and meticulously rendered while maintaining a minimalist and surreal approach.  Fingers and hands, both realistically represented and impossibly truncated and mutated, are depicted interacting with each other. Strings bind, pull and connect them in an elaborate cat’s cradle game.  There is an oddly tangible quality to the fingers and their activities; they strive, search, intertwine and reach out towards one another, personifying our humanity. "  - Lorraine Heitzman, contributing writer for Art and Cake

Source: https://artandcakela.com/2017/09/14/brian-mallman-still-connected-at-open-mind-art-space/

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