Exclusive Online Exhibition: Ashley Mistriel - "Steady, Structured, and Selfless"

Open Mind Art Space is pleased to announce its first exclusive online exhibition, Steady, Structured, and Selfless, which will feature mixed media works by Los Angeles based artist, Ashley Mistriel. The exhibition will launch on Artsy.net on May 6th and remain open until June 16th.

Ashley Mistriel combines drawing, painting, collage, and printmaking to focus on complex relationships within the family.  She references personal and found photographs of the mid-twentieth century to explore and compare a shift in narratives surrounding commitment, stability, and accountability.  

Steady, Structured, and Selfless is a collection of works from three separate series, all sharing a common theme related to familial and foundational ties. In the Room series, Mistriel uses gouache to abstract interiors and exteriors of early to mid-twentieth century homes to varying degrees, always omitting the figures and families from their dwellings. The rooms are painted tightly together, as if quilted and collaged, filling the space with as many remnants as possible. The Chair series uses negative space between each painted chair to mimic the formation of a gathering or event. The repetition of rooms and chairs allude to impermanence and durability. In the third series, Cactus People, the family figure is finally introduced, with varieties of fleshy desert plants painted as appendages or growths onto adult figures, creating organic structures capable of expanding and deteriorating. Collectively, each series is brought together by Mistriel’s continued exploration of the social and physical structures of the home, and the family as structure.

Ashley Mistriel received an MA with honors, emphasizing in painting and illustration, from California State University, Northridge in 2014. Her commercial work has appeared on album covers, in documentary shorts, alternative branding and various media platforms. Ashley’s work has also been featured by American Illustration (AI 32, 34, 35), Collage Artist of America, The Jealous Curator, and several galleries in Los Angeles. 

http://www.ashleymistriel.com  |  @ashleymistriel

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